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Cyber Security & Intelligent Automation Consulting

A New-Edge Technology Company, Zero Dark 24, unites Man and Machine. Our primary focus is on using platforms, intelligent automation, and human intelligence to address Business Challenges. We are here to bridge the gap between the Technology Innovators and today's Digital Leaders.


Our Solutions Portfolio has been carefully and strategically crafted with the ever-changing Threat landscape and Business demands in mind. We offer highly specialized consulting services in two areas: Cyber Security and Intelligent Automation.

Our Services

Cyber Security Consulting

It takes years of hard work to build a reputed brand & a few minutes of Cyber-incident to ruin it
Identity & Access Management

We are introducing Industry’s first and only, fully Automated Identity and Access Management tool. Our Solution uses workflow automation to enable Automation, Integration, and, AI to ensure Identity is governed and managed.

Security Testing
(Web, Mobile, Network & API)

We are Re-Defining the way AppSec is done in the Industry. The only Solution which provides 360-Degree Security Testing for Applications. We not only cover the standard VAPT but also, Code Scan/Code Review, Open Source Vulnerability, Design Review. 

External Threat Management

Everyday, We look for stolen and sensitive Data across the dark-Web, GitHub, your web surface. We look for new Phishing Domains and check Social Media. We keep a watch for new vulnerabilities due to misconfigurations and exploits. 

Automated Testing of Controls

A creative solution that connects with network devices and applications, tests controls, and reports anomalies. Control testing is the process of determining if controls are functioning as intended to give assurance to the pertinent stakeholders. It typically entails reviewing the available data or reperforming the controls.

Breach & Attack Simulation

Understanding potential dangers to the organization's security as well as evaluating the organization's capacity to stop such risks are essential. BAS is the only way it is possible to close the most important security flaws before a breach really occurs

Managed Detection & Response

Real Time Answers to Real Time Threats. Increase Operational efficiencies with AI-Driven Automation & Correlation, alert prioritization, and actionable intelligence. Increase scalability while reducing complexity and cost. One unified Platform which protects your Data and entire infrastructure.

Intelligent Automation Consulting

Technology, through automation and artificial intelligence, is going to be one of the most disruptive combination.
Automate IT Operation

Automating day-to-day IT Operations like;- Hardening of Servers, Patch Management, Employee On-boarding, AIOps Automation. We Automate tailor made requests from our customers. ITOM – IT Operation Management.

Process & Workflow Automation 

Drop your OPEX by up to 60%, Automate Business Workflows, seamlessly. Workflow automation improves productivity, efficiency, and customer experience. Simple or Complex, Your Workflows Can Be Automated. 

Industry specific Automation

Industry Specific Automation. Banking, Insurance, NBFC, Stock & any human intense process can be automated. Benefit ;- Reduced approval cycles, Reduced manual handling & Improved communication

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